School tourism

Experience in school tourism

Autonoleggio Sulga is a company specialized in the rental of buses for school trips with driver. We put at your disposal new buses in excellent condition, equipped with all comforts and with expert, qualified and professional drivers. We rent buses for school trips in Italy and abroad, ensuring maximum professionalism and availability in satisfying your every request and need.

Your journey in safe hands

The buses are driven by professionals with long and proven experience, highly qualified, who well reflect the values of our company. Our courteous and kind staff complies with the annual toxicological medical examinations, as well as being in possession of the personal digital card, which allows you to monitor driving and rest times in full compliance with current regulations.

Rules to be respected during the trip

During the trip it is important to remember that it is advisable to respect the rules. The main rules of our company are:

For hand luggage and on board the bus it is necessary to respect the art. 164 Paragraph 1. Hand luggage must be smaller than 30x10x10 cm and must be stored in the overhead compartment, in order to avoid obstructing any escape routes. In the event of a check by the judicial authorities, a fine is foreseen for the owner of the baggage and the deduction of points for the driver.

Seat belts must be worn if the bus is equipped with them. No obligation is established for buses not equipped with seat belts.

For the use of TV/video and audio systems, an adequate volume is always recommended so as not to compromise the attention of the driver and therefore the safety of the whole group.

The use of the toilet, if available on the bus, must be authorized by the driver and teacher, also having assessed the real urgency and necessity. Only the biodegradable material available in the bathroom must be used.

The bus must also be in perfect condition in terms of cleanliness. Customers are required to respect and keep the entrusted vehicle in order.

Accompanying teachers and chauffeurs are responsible for the group entrusted. Collaboration and mutual respect always guarantee excellent results. It is advisable to check the state of the bus before departure, informing the driver of any anomalies and breakages. The drivers are responsible for checking the state of the bus with the teachers at the arrival of each trip, reporting any damage to them. All passengers must remain seated in their seats, unless necessary and in any case it is forbidden to sit on the step next to the driver.

Stops during the journey must be agreed between teachers and drivers, also in compliance with the regulations on driving times in force.

Rental without driver

Free rental without a driver is the best solution for traveling in complete freedom and autonomy. Our minivans, approved to carry up to 9 people, are ideal for small groups, they can be driven with a B license and are equipped with every comfort!

INSURANCE COVERAGE: RCA, fully comprehensive, theft, fire, vandalism, roadside assistance, glass, driver coverage.

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